Simple yet powerful ideas concerning crop production, seed storage, and alternative sources of nutrition have proven to be highly effective in beginning to alleviate the results of poverty. 

MORINGA TREES - This amazing tree grows at a rate of 5 feet per year, is super-nutritious and anti-bacterial. It can even be used to purify water and it’s said that it could alleviate world-hunger. We’d like all our partners worldwide to have some!

Cost: $20 for 5 trees

PIT COMPOST - Our partners have very poor soil, and commercial fertilizers are very expensive for them. We have taught them how to make natural compost in a pit with water, wood ash, green leaves and soil. The results are amazing, with tall, healthy maize plants and large maize cobs replacing their previous meager crops.

BEE HIVESPoverty brings with it issues of nutrition and basic income. One solution we have introduced to several communities is bee-keeping. For a very small outlay, a hive can be provided. After that it is largely up to the bees! The warm climate means that the honey harvest happens every 90 days, bringing with it a food source, an item to sell at market – even an antiseptic.