Implementation of our solutions happens through strategic partnerships. Currently, our USA office is working strategically in Nicaragua, Uganda, and Ethiopia. We are additionally providing support and services to missionaries in the Philippines, Uganda, the Middle East, Thailand, Kenya...
Affordable housing that is safe and secure provides dignity and allows families to work outside the home and improve living conditions for their children.

A complete home costs $5,000.
Community healthcare training provides poverty stricken areas with help to improve the overall safety and quality of life for families.

One Water filter kit (which gives clean water to 200 people) costs $75.
Pre-teen aged girls are being targeted as “wives” and taken from their homes. We are educating communities on the dangers of trafficking and giving them tools to fight for a better future.

$1,500 provides a training retreat for vulnerable children in the area. 
​This sewing business development initiative with micro-enterprise solutions empower women to work skillfully and to earn a fair, living wage to support their family.

Providing one person with a micro-loan and a sewing machine costs $500.