What We Do

All of our work is focused on sustainable and holistic poverty alleviation solutions. We don't believe this is best accomplished through aid and relief, though sometimes that is useful. Our initiatives work toward long-term solutions based on training and empowerment. We only work where strong relationships exist as this allows the best return for mission work. 

Our heart is connect people and resources with needs and opportunities. Those connections happen both locally in the developing countries where we work and across oceans. We provide opportunities for those called to mission to fulfill that calling based on the nature of their call. 

The initiatives below are examples of how people are working together to take GOOD NEWS to the poor and how we are changing lives and transforming communities. These initiatives are lifting people out of poverty and it's devastating realities. 


Our key strategy is to build a core voluntary healthcare team over the course of multiple visits. We work with this team to help them discover how they can bring positive change to the key issues facing their community.


Our micro enterprise development (MED) plans focus upon the poorest in the communities we visit. Local management teams are trained to administer funding given by Links. The result empowers people and ensures sustainable poverty relief. Loans are recycled—over and over again!


Simple yet powerful ideas concerning crop production, seed storage, and alternative sources of nutrition have proven to be highly effective in beginning to alleviate the results of poverty.


Community development is most successful where leadership is the most effective. We bring training to many who have not had previous support in this way. Our training teaches both men and women, both church and community leaders, and both practical and spiritual.


Marriage Encounters and seminars have brought healing and restoration to hundreds of marriages. This helps to bring stability in communities for children and adults.


Links International provides resources to pastors and missionaries around the world. We send more than 400 such parcels annually, including books and CDs.


We value relationship and believe in partnership without ownership. We love to train, encourage, network and resource the Church.


In our current economic client, businesses are making sure their philanthropic/charitable dollars are having the biggest possible impact.


We provide encouragement, assistance, training, and account management for missionaries out in the field.